Traction Drive mounted as a speed increaser on a Savonius style windmill giving greater efficiency over gear and  belt speed increasing systems.

Blower installs using our Traction Drive Technology instead of V-Belts giving us 15-25 percent KWH savings and lower maintenance. 

Simple Traction Drive Technology

Here are the current applications RMI is working on besides generic uses. Our traction drive technology can be used in anything that rotates.....

Proudly invented and

We have designed a transmission for a 2011 Club Car Precedent two seater golf cart. For the first step of the project we removed one stage of gears and replace them with an RMI Traction Drive. With the traction drive and one other stage of gears we will produce the same final output ratio as the original transmission. We had a total energy savings of 17%min with added bonuses such as no back driving on drivetrain components, quieter and smoother operation, and longer battery life. 

Concept 3D Drawing of the Retro Fit Transmission 

RMI Retro-fit Golf Cart

Conceptual rendering of the traction drive used in a angled head high speed spindle (30,000-40,000 rpm) grinding application for internal grinding using a vitrified grinding wheel.

Future project of retro fitting a water pump with our traction drive. This will lower the size of the motor needed on current systems and lower amp draw.