traction drive technology

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RMI would like you to give us the chance to make us your number one choice for power transmission needs. With our in house manufacturing capabilities we have the ability for rapid product development.  Let us know your application and we can design a traction drive to fit your application. We can do custom ratios ranging from 1:1.5 - 1:100 for all different torque specifications and rpms. ​​We can work directly with gearboxes manufacturers to offer hybrid units that allow for higher ratios while still getting the added benefits of using an RMI Traction Drive.

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Potential Markets/Business Interested in Rolling Motion Industries ​

•Motorized vehicles: Golf Carts, ZEV’s, LSV’s, Electric Cars
•Medical: Dialysis Machines, Hospital Beds, Mobility Scooters
•Motion Control: Machines, Telescopes, Conveyor Systems, Manufacturing
•HVAC and Pump: Building and Home Air Conditioning, Hydraulic and Water Pumps, Air Compressors, Ventilation
•Energy Creation: Windmills, Hydroelectric, Solar Panel Positioning 
•Explosion Proof: Petroleum, Gasoline, Flour/Feed Mills, Grain Elevators
•RMI Offers a Multi Faceted Product that can be used in Various Industries

Simple Traction Drive Technology

Rolling Motion Industries

 Traction Drive Technology!